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We presents the new generation accounting package eZcom, a power packed product for the entire trading community with many advantages over other products of its kind. We are sure this product will help you to save your time and hence your money by virtue of its simplicity and other advanced features


Software Features  

• Classification of the item based on the nature of the item.
• Commission, tax, discount, at the time of sales of each item on the basis of pre-defined rate.
• Inventory system is directly linked with Financial Accounting.
• Separate Stock maintence facility for taxable and non-taxable items.
• Measurement units can be interchanged. Stock can be in different measurement units. (for selling,    analyzing stock etc…)
• Damaged stock.
• Current Stock Register.
• Daily Stock Register

Accounting made easy

• Multi level accounting group system.
• Ledger creation.
• Auto generation of Journal entries for transactions.
• User defined journal entries.
• User-defined Auto Number System for every transaction voucher.
• Receipt Vouchers.
• Payment Vouchers.
• Journal Vouchers.
• Pre-defined common narration.
• VAT Taxation is possible.
• Ageing System.
• Provisional Receipts

Trading Simplified

• Order Placement
• Purchasing of Items
• Return of Goods to Suppliers
• Collecting Orders
• Selling of Goods
• Sales Return
• User defined Sales Bill
• Cheque Management for received cheques

Reports at your fingertips

• Date wise sorting for all reports
• Detailed registers for every transaction (Purchase & Sales)
• Control Registers (in various combinations for Purchase & Sales)
• Ordinary Registers
• Item Based Reports (purchase, sales, purchase return, sales return)
• Credit Note Register
• Debit Note Register
• Sales Commission Report
• Purchase Item Cost Report
• Current Stock Register
• Daily Stock Register
• Detailed Stock Register
• Ageing- Outstanding Bills (in various combinations)
• Ageing- Outstanding Bills Payment Report (in various combinations)
• Journal entries
• Day book-Drill down facility to Edit Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Bankbook-Drill down facility to Edit Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Cashbook-Drill down facility to Edit Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Journal book-Drill down facility to Edit Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Ledger book-Drill down facility to Edit Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Multiple Ledger
• Trial Balance (Opening, Standard, Ledger Level, Group Level) -Drill down facility to View, Edit, Delete    Transaction (Detailed and consolidated)
• Trading Accounts (Period wise, in different Levels)
• Balance Sheet (Period wise, in different Levels)
• Cheque Status Report
• Provisional Receipt Report


• Privilege for users
• Data Security
• Interface wise privilege
• Functional privilege(Save, update,...)


• Data Backup
• Data Restoration
• Calculator

Other Features
  • Multiple company creation
• Windows based and DOS based printouts
• Term End Processing
Why eZcom?
  •  100% solution for computerized financial accounting.
•  Power packed product with advanced features.
•  Simple and user friendly.
•  Get proper product training.
•  Effective stock management.
•  Get all your reports at a click.
•  You can set your own bill format.
•  Both windows based and dos based printout
Advantages over competing products


Inventory valuation

Item based stock valuation
Group based stock valuation


Stock Type

Stock can be kept in different stock types like Taxable and non- Taxable


Accounts Fixing
  User can Pre- define Journal entries which are auto generated at the time of transaction.
Set sales bill format
  User can design the sales bill format
Windows and DOS based printouts


Tax and Discount percentage of a commodity can be pre-defined.


Number Fixing

System provides advanced Voucher/ doc no.
Provide multiple series of number system
User can define the starting number and starting letter of series

Security & Privilege

Multi User facility
Interface and Functional wise privileges (Save edit etc…)
Auto calculation of discount, Tax, commission etc.
Form issue- to ascertain whether form is issued against C form.
Rounding- User can round the amount


Advance Purchase sales item report

Detailed report
Consolidate report
Item reports
Cost analysis Reports
Debit Note Register
Credit Note Register
Commission Report

Cheque Management

Can ascertain status of each received cheques

Day Book
  This book includes whole transaction and gets day-to-day cash balance from this book.
Multiple Ledgers

User can take more than one ledger (which he wants at a time).


Debtor's ledger

This ledger is only for customer. This is for taking actual customer Ledger.
This ledger includes post-dated transaction also.


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